small groups

Small Groups are the best way to get to know people better and have some fun! In the past, many people have experienced great growth through exploring truth, especially the Truth, with peers and mentors in these groups. We strongly encourage everyone to try them out. If you don’t like one, you are absolutely free to try each one until you find the one that fits.

Small groups meet at the Wesley House (1904 Guadalupe St.) unless otherwise mentioned.

Times for the Fall of 2019 Small Groups will be listed soon. Check back for the updated times.



For more information, go to our freshmen page here.

Great bible adventure

Spring 2019 Time TBD

Have you ever attempted to read through the Bible and got lost somewhere in Leviticus? Do you have a desire to know and understand what the Bible has to say and its relevance for today's world?  This group is perfect for you!  As a group we'll be working through the Bible in a year, encouraging one another, praying for one another, and having an altogether fantastic time. Reading the Bible individually through the week (20-30 minutes per day) sets us all up for great discussion, fellowship, and prayer at our weekly meetings. No previous reading or knowledge of the Bible is necessary. Whether you’ve yet to venture out on a walk of faith or you’re wondering where to go next, Genesis is a great place to start.

For more info, contact Spencer Blacklock at, 940-257-87; or Sarah Dicken at, 832-721-6449.


social justice initiative

Fall 2019 Time TBD

Grounded by the belief that our God is a God of justice, grace, and love, Social Justice Initiative (SJI) aims to provide opportunities for action and open conversation regarding current social issues. The Social Justice Coffee House desires to create an inclusive and non-judgmental space to learn about and discuss social issues. Beyond the Coffee House, members will have opportunities to engage in community service. People of all walks of life are encouraged to come and enrich our conversation and community. Hope to see you there!


For more info, contact Clay Chandler at, 972-757-3211.


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fast food friday

Fall 2019 Time TBD

Energize your faith with a group discussion that goes more in-depth into the message from the night before at Overflow. Bring some “fast food” to join us for lunch.

For more info, contact Rusty Teeter,  512-431-8128.

discipleship groups:


woMen's Discipleship

Several groups meet at many times

Join a committed community of women who want to love and accept each other unconditionally in a powerful way while also growing in faith and love for God.  We listen to each others’ stories, share the highs and lows of college life and encourage each other to grow spiritually through engaging in BIble study, prayer, and supportive relationships. This group involves a time commitment of 2 hours for the group meeting and 1-2 hours of additional time outside the group.  

For more info, contact Ann Lawton at; 919 593-9806.

Men's Discipleship

We meet to challenge each other to go deeper in our discipleship of Christ. Join us if you have a strong desire to learn and experience growing deeper in Christ through accountability, spiritual disciplines, and learning how to be in ministry and service to others. This group involves a time commitment of 2 hours for the group meeting and 1-2 hours of additional time outside the group.

For more info, contact Rusty Teeter at,  512-431-8128.

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Who Created God (2).jpg

Who Created God? 

(Discussion Group)

Fall 2019 Time TBD

An in-depth exploration of all of the challenging and troublesome questions that are commonly asked of Christians and by Christians. We’ll address topics like: “How can you believe the world was created in Six Days?”, “Why would God allow Suffering and Evil?”, and, of course, “If God created the Universe, then who created God?” Our goal is to provide you with a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the true nature of Christianity, so that you might feel more equipped to discuss these kinds of questions with friends and family. This group is open to anyone, regardless of your present beliefs or level of confidence.

For more information contact Noah Killeen at 512-212-0489 or


Check out Who Created God's website: