Fall 2019 is here!


Welcome! We cannot wait to meet you or see you again this fall.

Mark your calendar with these dates. These events are a great way to start off the semester. There will be more events, small groups, and activities announced as the semester begins and goes on.

Cookout and game night (2).png

Fall Kickoff is our biggest welcome event of the year. Join us at the turtle pond for live music, pizza, and a great opportunity to get to know new friends!

Join our Facebook event HERE.


Welcome week

Join us during the first week of school.

1. Gamenight.png
2. Bowling.png
4. Tailgate.png

First five

We will gather each weekend during the first five weeks of the school year.

1. Tailgate.png
3. River.png
2. Casino.png
4. Murder Mystery.png
5. Fall Retreat.png

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