Hear what Wesley Alumni are saying about their Wesley Experience…

codyCody Graham

“Feeling alone and homesick is not fun. Feeling alone and homesick on a campus of 50,000 strangers magnifies that feeling ten-fold. Texas Wesley fixed all that. Some of the truly best times spent at UT were with ‘Wesley People.’ I met some incredibly amazing and lifelong friends at the Wesley, not to mention my wife! I am forever thankful for the part they played in my life during the ups and downs of college and will cherish the many, many good times had.”

lisaLisa Benton

“When I came to UT as a freshman, I was an overwhelmed small-town girl.Adjusting to life at a huge college where no one knew me was a challenge. The Wesley was the one place I knew I could go to find smiles, friendship, and complete acceptance. I formed my closest friends at the Wesley, and even after all these years I still consider them dear friends that I will keep ’til the end. The Wesley was a tremendous source of love and huge amounts of fun during my college years. To this day, I can’t eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without thinking about the Wesley and those great PB&J Friday t-shirts!”

dawn-delaneyDawn Delaney

“The Wesley is where I learned what true community is. It’s where I found a group of people that are serious about being real and authentic in their faith and committed to helping each other live in such a way that God is glorified in every part of their lives. It was a place of healing – a safe place to expose hurt, pain, questions and struggles that were met with godly council and unconditional love and grace. The Wesley was where I learned what unconditional love and grace are, how much I needed them in my life, and that I want my life to be all about showing others the unconditional love and grace of Christ.”

dustyDusty Alexander

“There is no way I can express how much the Wesley has meant to me. I guess all said and done I was involved in the wesley for six years or so including one year as intern. The leadership and fellowship there was like nothing I had ever been a part of before. It had a huge part in forming me into who I am today. I was, and am, truly blessed by the relationships that were started at the Wesley.”

julieJulie Earnest

“At the Wesley, I learned what GRACE truly means. I also learned the practice of loving people by watching Rusty and the amazing friends around me.”

linzLindsay Graham

“The Wesley group was a HUGE influence on the great time I had in college–I wouldn’t trade those memories and the friends I made there for anything! All of the friends I made in the Texas Wesley are those quality friends that you LOVE every second that you spend with them, and can never get enough of them! The Wesley was truly a blessing in my life!The fellowship at the Texas Wesley is so great, they’re all just “good kids”- funny, bright, wanting to challenge themselves and others around them, striving to better themselves and the UT community.”

meganMegan Miller

“The Wesley was there for me when I needed someone and in turn gave me an opportunity to be there for others. I’ve learned so many important things: how to lead, how to serve, and how to be served.”

megan-legaultMegan Legault

“The Wesley has been pivotal for my growth. I grew in my love for Christ, which in turn, has given me a better understanding of who I was created to be and a greater passion for reaching out to others. I also met amazing people, who will be life long friends! I’m so thankful the Lord brought me here.”

weaverJulie Weaver

“The Wesley was home for me. I was safe there…to laugh, to be broken, to praise, to question, to just be me. Loving and loud and not just a little crazy, my Wesley family is where I first got a glimpse of what God created the Church to be, a deep and authentic community who radically loves Jesus, each other, and the world.”

wendyWendy Copeland

“The Wesley is where my college life was found. Friends, activities, growth and challenges, but most importantly it cultivated my heart for the Lord. The Wesley opened doors for me to worship God more, grow with him, and love other people. (which are his 2 greatest commandments: love God, love others.)”

katieKatie Ornelas

“The Wesley was a great place to meet friends you will have for the rest of your life, who encourage you with prayer, accountability, and help make college a great time for spiritual growth. It was also a wonderful experience to take on leadership roles in the Church body such as leading bible studies, and prayer groups. Through the Wesley I learned so much about God’s limitless grace and love for His people. The REAP journal method is something I continue with today. Through the different bible studies I learned about God’s promises, covenants, and how truly amazing our Jesus is. I could never express what the Wesley meant in my life.”