Make a Donate to the Texas WelseyWe need your support.  Most people assume that since the Texas Wesley is an outreach of the United Methodist Church the Church must provide most of the funding.   In reality, money from the Church covers less than 10% of our annual budget.  Funds for the remaining 90% come from a few different sources including:

  • Income generated by the investment of past donations and bequests
  • Gifts from local churches
  • A small amount from two endowments
  • Donations from people like you!

Our donors include current students, Texas Wesley Alumni, Alumni of other Wesley Foundations, parents, pastors and even some individuals with no tie to the Texas Wesley.  What our donors all have in common is a heart for reaching college age adults and a desire to help the Texas Wesley continually strive toward our vision “To build up generations of Christians that lead and serve!”

We answer God’s call to ministry through weekly worship services, small group bible and book studies, spiritual retreats, opportunities for service, mission trips and most importantly, by offering a home away from home for students during these formative years.  Financial support from individuals like you has become more and more imperative in order to continue our call to ministry.

As a general rule, college students are not known for having a lot of extra money to give.  That can be said for most of their parents too; having a child in college costs a small fortune these days.  So even as our ministry grows – our income doesn’t.  These are just a few of the reasons that we need your help today!

  • $25 will help provide books for a small group
  • $50 allows a student to go on the Fall or Spring Retreat
  • $75 aids in training the students on the Leadership Council
  • $100 keeps the lights on in the Wesley House for a month
  • $250 provides a meal at Overflow, our Thursday night worship service
  • $500 sends a student in need on a life changing mission trip
  • $1,000 provides one intern’s salary for one month and that gift is multiplied by the many programs our interns support

Click on the “Donate” button below to make your gift today on our secure site.  Donate one time or set up a recurring monthly contribution, which ever best fits your budget.  To make your gift go even farther, please consider having your gift drafted from your checking or savings account which allows us to avoid credit card fees.  Please contact Rusty if you would be interested in hearing more about upcoming events and missions.
Thanks again for your support!

The Wesley Foundation of Austin, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation – all donations are tax exempt.

Over the years, Texas Wesley has been greatly blessed by persons who have included this ministry in their will and estate plans.  Naming Texas Wesley in your will is an excellent way to help insure this ministry to students at the University of Texas for years to come.  For legal wording contact Chris McCormick, Director of Development at