Student Leadership Council is a group of students that plans, leads, and executes all of the programs, groups, and ministries of the Wesley.  Students who have a hunger to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ and a desire to lead and serve others in order to help them grow in their faith in Christ are invited to join leadership.  We have four councils that provide training, support, and planning for students on leadership:

  • Applications for the Wesley’s student leadership team are open starting after Spring Break of each year.  Most of the Wesley activities are student-led, and being a part of their production is both a spiritually rewarding and fun experience!  You get to hang out with your other Wesley friends and help make the Wesley a great experience for other students.  Applications are available on the front table at Overflow tomorrow or on the front table at the Wesley house.  Applications for new leadership members are red and applications for old members are white.  The deadline to apply is mid-April.  If you have any questions, email Rachael.

Outreach Council

Empowers and equips people to live an intentional lifestyle of using everyday experiences to build relationships and create safe places for people to discuss spirituality.

Small Group Council

Small group leaders choose a Bible study, book, or study topic and lead the small groups. Leading the group entails planning, praying and personally investing in each of its members.

Connect Council

Connectors are a vital part of supporting the Wesley by making it an inclusive and loving community. At every Overflow, the connectors form a welcoming party and each lead an Overflow group.

Programming Council

Programming Council plans and leads various events and weekly activities like Overflow, retreats, fellowship, and more.

  • Overflow Leader

Forms and coordinate a team that plans and executes Overflow (ministry team positions include – food/church liaison, setup/cleanup, Currents).

  • Worship Leader

Forms worship team to meet weekly for prayer and practice, leads worship at Overflow, member of the Overflow team.

  • Retreat  Coordinator

Forms a team to organize and plan Fall and Spring Retreats and Spring Campout.

  • Fellowship

Coordinates a team to plan and attend fellowship activities. (Some annual events include – IM sports, Formal, Couch Day, Variety Show and other special events /activities).

  • F-Conn (Freshmen Connection)

Coordinates events for freshman that allows them to get to know Austin and connect with other Freshmen.

  • Prayer

Organizes a team devoted to prayer for the Wesley, coordinates prayer events /opportunities at the Wesley

  • Campus Renewal Ministries

Represents the Wesley at Campus Renewal Ministry meetings and events.


If you would like to help serve in any of these areas of the activities of the Wesley, please contact the coordinator and they will find a place for you to serve.

Tayler Johnson, Connect Coordinator. Email Tayler 
Rachel Genrich, Small Group Coordinator. Email Rachel
Jacob Harris, Outreach Coordinator. Email Jacob