First year on campus? New to the Wesley? Here are some great ways to get involved at the Wesley!

Freshmen Bible Studies

Freshmen Bible Studies are a fantastic place to learn more about yourself, your fellow freshmen, and Christ. We’ll have great discussions, hang out time, and of course, snacks at every meeting! This is a good opportunity to meet other freshman who are experiencing similar things and a place to feel connected despite being at such a large university. Whether you come once or come every week, we’ll be happy to see you! For more information, swing by the Wesley or email us at mail@texaswesley.com

Freshmen Girls’ Group

This group is a community for freshman girls, where we will laugh, talk, and grow in friendship and faith with each other. This group is a safe space to explore faith, doubts, and surviving freshman year! We would love for you to join us, so feel free to stop by!

Meeting time: Will begin in the Fall
For more information contact: Laura Thompson, Libby Sloan, or CJ Hall

Freshmen Guys’ Group

COME AT ME BRO and show up to Freshmen guys for fellowship and new understands about God, no matter where you are in life. Looking for a new start with Christ? We’ll grill out and talk about it. Want to further your understand of God? We’ll sit back and crack open the Bible. See you there!

Meeting time: Will begin in the Fall
For more information contact: Jacob Letterman, Jacob Hernandez, or Jacob Palmer